I was interested in the infrastructure necessary to maintain plant life in the Poznań Palm House. This complex network of heating pipes, lighting and other structures, which deteriorates over time and overlaps with organic matter, seems to be getting anatomically close to plants. And vice versa. The Palm House is therefore a place of a specific symbiosis, mutual mimicry of these two worlds. I also get the impression that the plants want to get out of there. But why? It is cold outside the window, but some force makes them want to leave that place, go beyond the windows, climb hot cast iron pipes, escape. Sometimes with unpleasant results. And here I have come, as in the case of paintings with street lamps, to an analogy with the human world, to a complex network in which we all become participants, whether we like it or not. Does some force also make us lean beyond safe limits? To what extent can we argue with generally accepted truths? Can the truth about the world around us be a shared value or does it become a personalized and private product?