Going beyond one’s own perspective, although conceptually possible, becomes an extremely difficult if not impossible, challenge. In private life, in science or in social awareness alike. What possibility do we have to argue with the concepts if we discuss them only with the help of our own universe of symbolic meanings? What real possibility of forming a critical opinion on our own interpersonal relationships or on a common paradigm do we have?

The series of works constitutes an invitation to make an attempt of going beyond the centrifugal perspective of assessing the reality around us; to look at various issues (related to medicine, technology or nature) from a bird’s eye view, both symbolically and literally. This is made possible by the use of miniature figures penetrating various familiar objects in an unusual way. They CALL us IN, invite us to reflect on our situation in the face of disease or treatment, which may concern us both privately and in professional life (MediCALL IN cycle); to reflect on the presence of technology in interpersonal relations (TechniCALL IN cycle) or on the superior role of man over the natural world (NaturALL IN).